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How does Diesel Gas work?

Unlike petrol gas conversions (where the engine works only on gas feed), Diesel Gas systems are dual fuel devices. It means that the engine is supplied with diesel and gas at the same time.

The gas is supplied from the tank to the reducer, where it’s vapourised. from there it is injected into the air intake by means of 2 injectors. Gas flow is controlled by an electronic control unit (ECU), based on information obtained from many signals (e.g. load, RPM, temperature, TPS, etc). Such solution allows to achieve accurate gas dosage, which adjusts to changing driving conditions.

To protect the vehicle from the risk of knock combustion we supply our dual fuel system with an EGT sensor, which reduces gas supply in case if the exhaust temperature exceeds safe level.

The system is totally maintanance free for the driver. It switches on and off automatically and communicates with the user only by means of a small switch indicating current system status (driving on diesel only or diesel-gas) and gas level in the tank (displayed with LEDs and making short beeps if the tank is empty).

The installation of Blue Energy Diesel dual fuel system does not require any changes in the original engine setup, nor damages the engine in any way. In every moment, the vehicle can be switched to diesel only mode and work just as before the conversion.