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New Diesel Dual Fuel system – Blue Energy PRIME

We’re proud to introduce the most advanced Diesel Dual Fuel in the World!

PRIME is the latest and the most advanced system in our DDF product line. It is the result of gathering experience from thousands of vehicles converted with Blue Energy systems. With full OBD CAN compatibility, this state-of-the-art system is currently regarded as the most sophisticated DDF system available on the Market! Highly recommended for EURO 6 engines, but can be also installed in any other type of diesel engine.

New features comparing to DNA / DIGITAL system:
5 emulators (3 analog, 2 digital – compatible with frequency digital signal)
– OBD CAN compatible
– advanced cut-off functions (including reading of diesel injection time)
– full system diagnostic:
– switch test
– level sensor/manometer test
– emulators diagnostics
– testing gas hoses for leakage